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Alterations & Tailoring in Fort Lauderdale

At Dry Clean Xpress our Fort Lauderdale customers count on our alterations service for more than just hemming up pants and skirts. It's true that hemming new garments accounts for a large part of our alterations business but certainly not all of it.

Customers who have favorite garments that no longer fit as well as they did new don't have to consign them to the back of the closet. At Dry Clean Xpress we have professional tailors on staff that can "take it in here" or "let it out there" to make your favorite dress, suit, trousers, or top coat fit like you just bought them. Don't discard your favorite wardrobe items just because your body shape has changed. Let our tailors work their magic and you'll be wearing them again with a perfect fit.

Alterations and Tailoring Is Only Part of What We Do

Leather is an amazing material. Everyone has something that is made out of leather that they love. It might be a handbag, purse, belt, attaché, vest, pants or leather jacket; whatever it is it most likely is held together with stitching and/or grommets. Leather is exceptionally durable but it really is at the mercy of the stitching that holds it together. If you have a damaged leather piece, or if you have a leather garment that needs to be tailored, let our leather experts bring it back to its original condition.

Then there are the repairs. How frustrating is it when a favorite garment is unwearable, not because the fabric is worn or stained but because a "component" of the garment has failed.

We can help you with that.

Here is a short list of repairs we regularly do:

  • Repair or replace broken zippers
  • Replace damaged grommets
  • Sew on buttons and adornments
  • Repair minor tears in fabric
  • Repair failing stitching

So we've covered your garments, leather goods and repairs to clothing. That leaves shoes. At Dry Clean Xpress we have a complete shoe repair shop at our main facility. We can replace heels, soles, reattach straps, dying, recondition uppers and give them a deep cleaning and brilliant shine. Shoes are expensive. Why not give them a longer life by having them repaired or upgraded by our shoe repair specialists?

Like all of our dry cleaning services, alterations, tailoring, leather goods and shoes can be picked up and delivered to your home or office for free!

Make the most out of your wardrobe. Call us today and arrange a pickup for your alteration items! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.