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Coconut Creek Dry CleanersThe Coconut Creek dry cleaning experts at Dry Clean Xpress offer up some "first aid" tips to help you with those annoying stains that seem to pop up at the least convenient times and in the least convenient places. Ideally, if there is such a thing, your fabrics would become stained at home where you have easy access to the washing machine and your arsenal of cleaners and favorite home remedies but that's not the way it always happens.


Ft. Lauderdale’s Green Dry Cleaning Experts Explain Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Do you really know what "green" dry cleaning in Fort Lauderdale is? Should you be concerned how your clothes are cleaned? Is there any advantage to using an eco-friendly dry cleaning service like Dry Clean Xpress over a traditional dry cleaner?


fort-lauderdale wedding dress cleaningMaybe you already have a favorite Fort Lauderdale dry cleaning shop but when it comes to one of your most important garments, your wedding dress, you will want to ensure that your dry cleaner is qualified and experienced in cleaning and preserving these delicate gowns. Dry cleaning wedding gowns is a specialty. Wedding gowns that are treated as a regular dry cleaning order will inevitably fail to be completely clean and are highly likely to be damaged.


Fort Lauderdale's dry cleaning and laundry experts at Dry Clean Xpress offer up some helpful advice to clean up your bed and bath linens after your holiday house guests have departed.


Stains on clothing can be embarrassing, frustrating, and even costly if not treated quickly and correctly. Fort Lauderdale's Dry Cleaning Queen offers up some helpful stain removing tips to minimize the frustration cost of buying replacements. Unfortunately not much can be done to minimize the embarrassment.