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Tips on Keeping Linens White From Ft Lauderdale’s Dry Cleaning Experts

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Fort Lauderdale's dry cleaning and laundry experts at Dry Clean Xpress offer up some helpful advice to clean up your bed and bath linens after your holiday house guests have departed.

Everyone loves company at the Holidays but then comes the day of reckoning when it's time to clean up after they leave. Bedrooms and bathrooms usually are the biggest cleaning challenges. Sheets and towels can often wind up with makeup, body lotion and even acne cream smeared on them. It's bad form to warn guests about wearing makeup to bed so you just have to live with the consequences.

While your first impulse may be to toss everything in the hottest water setting possible and drench the linens and towels in bleach…don't. You'll just make the mess worse.

Two Phase Washing to Keep Linens White

It may seem like extra work, but for best results you are going to want to wash your linens twice.

Hot water can actually set a stain (particularly stains that are protein based) so the first step is to establish an environment that is conducive to loosening soil and oil. To do that you want to loosely fill your washer and run it through a cold water cycle (wash and rinse) using plenty of detergent. It's important not to stuff the linens in. You want them to be able to swish around freely so the soil particles can break up and maximum stain removal can be accomplished. The rinse cycle should be at least 5 minutes long.

After the cold cycle is when you want to heat things up. Set your washer to the highest temperature that is appropriate to the fabric being washed. Use a high quality detergent like Tide Boost with OXI or any other detergent that has an OXI component. These soaps have a high alkaline content and that attracts and grabs oils and soil keeping them separate from the linens. Make sure you don't skimp on the amount of detergent. You want all of the loose soil residing in the soap and not resettling back on the fabric.

So the key to getting oil and dirt out of your linens is to not overload the washer and to prep it with cold water to loosen the stains and finish in hot.

Or…skip this whole process and give us a call to have it all done professionally. We offer free pickup and delivery and your linens will be fresh and bright and pressed and folded as well.

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