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Tips on Stain Removal from Ft Lauderdale’s Dry Cleaning Queen

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Stains on clothing can be embarrassing, frustrating, and even costly if not treated quickly and correctly. Fort Lauderdale's Dry Cleaning Queen offers up some helpful stain removing tips to minimize the frustration cost of buying replacements. Unfortunately not much can be done to minimize the embarrassment.

Keep in mind that all of these tips are meant to be "first aid" steps in removing stains and that you need to wash or dry clean the garment as soon as it is convenient.

7 Tips for Removing Stains

  1. Speed is your friend. The longer you let a stain sit the more difficult it will be to remove. It's important you apply these first aid steps as soon after the stain occurs as possible.
  2. The fine art of blotting. When removing a stain with a clean cloth always blot the stain starting from the outside and working in. Never rub a stain; all that will do is spread it.
  3. Blood.  If you nick yourself and the blood is fresh, blot repeatedly with cold water or club soda. If the blood has dried, scrape off what you can and then blot with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.
  4. Wine. This one is difficult. Ideally you would liberally apply salt and then soak in cold water. That may prove difficult to do in a restaurant or bar so your best bet is to soak the area with club soda and then get home to your washing machine.
  5. Lipstick. Blot with a baby wipe or a washcloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.
  6. Catsup. This is another tough stain. Blot with cold water to remove as much as possible. When you get home, soak the stain in a heavy duty liquid detergent then rinse. Follow that up with soaking the stained area in a diluted solution of all-fabric powdered bleach.
  7. Oil. You'll probably have to do this one at home as well unless you have a can of baby talc or powder handy. Sprinkle the stain with the powder and let sit for 15 minutes then brush off. Apply a stain remover and then wash in hot water.

Stains can be nasty. If you run into one that you are not sure about just give us a call and we'll be happy to pick up the garment and bring it back like new.

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