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Fort Lauderdale Boat Cleaning

If you’re a Fort Lauderdale boat owner you know that nurturing and cleaning your boat keeps the value of your investment. This home away from home needs cleaning from inside and out to remove spills and splashes that come with living on the sea. If you would rather be fishing or enjoying a day in sunny Florida, then perhaps you would prefer someone to handle the cleaning for you.

If you like to clean yourself then try these simple steps to make your boat look orderly and clean. If your carpets don’t require any special care, take your carpets out to the deck and use a light power washer or hose to get the dirt and grime out. Try using a light mixture of water and vinegar with a soft towel or cloth to clean metal and electronics. There are plenty of vinyl and leather cleaners available to remove grime and scratches. Clothing can be washed out and hung to dry using a light dish soap and water. If you are not a person to use the self-cleaning approach, there are companies that specialize in interior and exterior boat cleaning in Fort Lauderdale.

Dry Clean Xpress is a Fort Lauderdale boat cleaning company that focuses on interior cleaning for your yacht or boat. Boat cleaning companies like Dry Clean Xpress will come to your boat in Fort Lauderdale, clean everything from linens, clothing, and carpets to flooring and drapery. Even the upholstery will shine by the time your ready for your next adventure. So if you are looking for a quality Fort Lauderdale boat cleaning service, let Dry Clean Xpress take care of your boat or yacht. Help preserve your investment by calling 1-888-473-4186 to schedule dry cleaning your boat today.