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At Dry Clean Xpress our focus is providing you with the finest dry cleaning service available using only the latest eco-friendly processes. We are committed to your satisfaction and the environmental wellbeing of our community.

Here's how we do it.

First of all there's nothing "dry" about dry cleaning. Dry cleaning machines vary in size but their function is the same; wash, extract and dry. The items to be dry cleaned are loaded into a stainless steel basket that is slotted to allow the flow of solvents. When the process begins the basket is rotated and solvent is pumped in to remove soil from the items being cleaned. The dirty solvent is extracted, run through filters and then recycled through the basket again as clean solvent. This cycle is repeated until the items are clean.

It sounds pretty straight forward but it's not. The key to the degree of soil removal, the brightness of color and even the smell of the items being cleaned depends on the selection of solvent type and most of all the effectiveness of the filtering process.

Understanding which solvents work best with which fabrics and the effectiveness of the filtering process is what differentiates us from the competition. At Dry Clean Xpress we use Firbimatic machines which are state of the art "green machines" that filter out all carbon based waste that the dirty solvents produce. That's not only good for the environment it's great for your dry cleaned fabrics.

When you combine the latest technology with a highly skilled staff you get the best dry cleaning service available in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. Once the fabrics have completed the "wash" cycle they are inspected to determine if any post-cleaning spot removal is necessary. If it is, we use professional equipment to apply the appropriate chemical solutions, steam or water on the stain and then either air or vacuum dry. After spot cleaning the items are "finished" which can involve pressing, steaming to shape, ironing and quick drying to remove moisture from the steaming. At this point we also make any necessary repairs to restore the garment.

An Eco-Friendly Dry Clean Company in South Florida

When you combine the latest technology with a highly skilled staff and exceptional attention to customer service you get the finest value in dry cleaning service available in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. Toss in free pickup and delivery at your home or office and you have a dry cleaning solution that offers great value and convenience. Why not call us today at (954) 978-0808 and schedule your first service? "Our Pride Is Your Satisfaction!"

If you are looking for Dry Cleaning Services call Dry Clean Xpress at (954) 978-0808. We offer friendly service in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

"Our Pride Is Your Satisfaction!"