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Fort Lauderdale Fire & Mold Restoration & Cleaning

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Fire, Mildew, & Flood RestorationWhen people in South Florida talk about water and mold damage to their belongings and clothing, tropical storms and hurricanes always seem to top the list as the most likely sources of damage. But the fact is that most water damage suffered in residential homes and condos is caused by plumbing failures like burst washing machine hoses, failed water heaters or slow, undetected pipe leaks.

If you experience water damage and your dry clean only items have been affected it's important to get them to us as quickly as possible for successful restoration. A quick call to Dry Clean Xpress will have one of our vans en route to your home to pick up the water damaged items.

Another source of water damage that is unfortunately all too common is from the hoses of firefighters putting out a residential fire. With fires there can be water damage but also damage from smoke and soot. Again it's important to act quickly to ensure complete restoration of your wardrobe and bedding.

Lastly there is mold and mildew which can be far more difficult to detect in its early stages. That leak in the wall may have created mold inside your closet and that favorite jacket has been rubbing against it all summer. When the first cold snap hits and you pull out the jacket and see mold all down one arm is typically when you first learn that you have a leak. Mold needs special treatment and we know just how to do it.

If your dry clean only items are damaged by water, mold, smoke or soot you need to call Dry Clean Xpress.

Special Processes for Restoring Water, Mold and Smoke Damaged Fabrics

At Dry Clean Xpress we have trained technicians that specialize in restoring fabrics. The processes involved depend on the type of the damage and how long the item has gone untreated. Water damage is fairly easy to restore using new organic solvents and quick drying techniques.

Mold, mildew and smoke need additional treatment including:

  • Ozone treatment kills mold and smoke germs by breaking their chemical bond.
  • Wet cleaning with proper solutions kills mold, mildew, and smoke bacteria.
  • Dry cleaning with proper solutions kills mold, mildew and smoke bacteria.

We get a special sense of satisfaction when we successfully restore a customer's wardrobe and other dry clean items. We know they are going through a difficult time and to be able to deliver their items back to them as good as new is our contribution to getting their lives back to normal.

If you live in Broward, Dade or Palm Beach counties and need your dry clean items restored give us a call at (954) 978-0808 and we'll dispatch a van to your location.
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