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Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gowns Preservation & Dry CleaningYour wedding gown is a symbol and a milestone that you will cherish forever. Why let it grow old and tattered when you can preserve it for life?  Allow us to clean and preserve your wedding dress so that you can preserve the memories as well. 

We offer professional wedding gown preservation in addition to our many laundry and dry cleaning services.  Your wedding gown will be treated with the utmost care and expertise from our highly trained staff.  The process of cleaning and preserving a wedding gown is critical and requires a great amount of care:

  • We first mark all stains and possible repairs
  • We then clean along the hem, underarms, and neckline
  • The stains are then gently removed from your gown
  • All gowns are then cleaned individually. During this process we also add a preservative to prevent the dress from turning yellow over time
  • If absolutely necessary, we send the gown to the tailor to be repaired
  • The gown is then individually steamed and hand pressed
  • At the end of this process the gown is placed inside an acid-free display box, which is completely sealed to effectively preserve the gown for life

This process allows us to completely restore your wedding gown and keep it that way. Your gown will receive the same high-quality care we give to all our laundry and dry cleaning.

A Dry Cleaning Company Specializing in Wedding Gowns Preservation

All of our services incorporate green dry cleaning techniques with minimal environmental impact. We know that you’ll love your “new” wedding dress after we’re done with it. Give us a try today!

If you are looking for Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation call Dry Clean Xpress at (954) 978-0808.  We offer friendly service in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. 

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