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Memorabilia Preservation

Memorabilia & Wedding Gown PreservationBring us any memorabilia from your event that you wish to preserve. Allow us to perform a memorabilia preservation process that allows you to keep your desired memorabilia indefinitely. You will be surprised when forty years later your garment, dress, flowers, or other keepsake does not look a day older than the day it was preserved.  Cherish your memories forever with a little help from our dry cleaning company. 

A Dry Cleaning Company Specializing in Memorabilia Preservation

Dry Clean Xpress offers a number of options and types of cleanings for its customers, and wedding gown preservation is no exception.  Wedding gowns can oxidize in the air, causing them to eventually turn yellow and become tattered.  Our vacuum sealing prevents any oxygen from entering inside and perfectly preserves the wedding dress indefinitely.  Wedding gown preservation can be used to cherish a dress for life or to pass down to your daughter to wear.

Your wedding gown is a symbol of an immensely joyous and beautiful occasion in your life, why let it become old and yellow when you can bring it to our dry cleaning company for full preservation?  We help keep the memories of your big day fresh in your mind and your closet with our delicate wedding gown preservation.

We offer excellent service with wedding gown preservation in addition to laundry and dry cleaning. Our dry cleaning company will provide the best in cleaning and preservation there is to offer.

If you are looking for memorabilia preservation, call Dry Clean Xpress at (954) 978-0808.  We offer friendly service in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. 

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