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South Florida Dry Cleaners Who Clean Ski Clothes

Ski Cloths Dry CleanersSki cloths are very expensive and require a high level of expertise in order to keep them clean and in good condition. Professional cleaning can help to keep them breathable and waterproof. There are pores in the fabric that oil, sweat, and dirt can clog. If the pores are clogged, the heat from your body cannot escape causing the inside of the coat to sweat. You can prevent this by cleaning your ski clothes after you used them. By doing so you will extend the life of your ski clothes.  We are proud to be one of the only South Florida dry cleaners who clean ski clothes.

We pride ourselves on our customer service.  Our diligence goes beyond dry cleaning as we strive to deliver many other services that our customers may need.  Because of this we clean ski clothes and many types of materials, including leather, suede, and fur.  We will dry clean your ski clothes with the utmost efficiency while adhering to the highest environmental standards.  Most of all we deliver the finest in quality care and results.  And of course we’ll deliver your clothes right to your home free of charge. 

With all of our cleaning services at Dry Clean Xpress we strive to be green.  We use the most eco-friendly procedures and energy efficient machines to dry clean your clothes.  This extends throughout every part of our operations from drop-off to delivery.

Try Dry Clean Xpress for your next dry cleaning and experience the finest dry cleaners in the industry.

If you are looking for ski clothes cleaning call Dry Clean Xpress at (954) 978-0808.  We offer friendly service in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. 

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