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Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning & Dry Cleaning StoresThe dry cleaning industry has developed a new cleaning system called “wet cleaning.” The idea of wet cleaning is to provide an alternative cleaning method to standard dry cleaning. Wet cleaning uses water and biodegradable detergent in a special washer that cleans clothes very gently and sets a specific humidity level for the drying process. Special pressing and tensioning equipment is utilized to prevent shrinkage and maintain garment shape.

Wet cleaning works well on stains that dry cleaning was unable to remove, allowing us to service all kinds of possible stains and blemishes on your clothing.

Wet cleaning can be applied to fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and light colored items. Some of the best results usually occur with casual clothing, jeans, and khakis.

The First Among South Florida Laundry and Dry Cleaning Stores

Our innovation nature has always led our business. We continue this trend by being the first among South Florida laundry and dry cleaning stores to offer this eco-friendly option of “wet cleaning.”  Our wet cleaning gives us more options, and through our use of biodegradable agents in this process we also put less stress on our environment. Wet cleaning allows us to thoroughly clean clothes and eradicate stains more efficiently while still being very gentle to the garments.

Not all laundry and dry cleaning stores are the same. Our delicate processes and multiple options of stain removal and cleaning go above and beyond your average dry cleaners.  We also offer free delivery to your doorstep Call us and experience the difference in clothing care today.

If you are looking for wet cleaning call Dry Clean Xpress at (954) 978-0808.  We offer friendly service in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. 

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